Understanding The Riots – Where Next?

Since last Saturday, a situation has escalated around the UK, with eruptions of long-repressed anger in most major cities. Whilst this anger may have certainly, at times, taken on forms that we disapprove of, we all know where this anger comes from. We are all suffering at the moment. Trying to make ends meet can be a living nightmare – benefits, jobs and healthcare going down the drain whilst the cost of housing and living rises sharply. Not to mention systematic Police harassment on our streets, daily injustice and deaths in police custody. For those right at the bottom of the pile, the young and unemployed, it seems like everything they were brought up on was false. The promise of easy credit, easy access to consumer goods, an education and social support. All this just disappears into smoke when the rich decide we don’t deserve it anymore; when they are desperate to save their system from the consequences of their own greed.

We condemn:

* The police, the political elite and the media for creating an atmosphere of fear, justifying greater state repression.

* The opportunism of the EDL/BNP and other far right groups

We refuse to condemn:

* People who looted high street chain stores, pawn shops, betting shops, banks and other symbols of capitalism.

* People who attacked the police, police property, courts, probation services and other symbols of the state.

We are inspired by:

* All the people who stood up for each other in the face of attack by the police and other violent gangs

* The communities that stood outside preventing arson to neighbouring flats, houses and locally-owned businesses.

But whilst we are categorically against the arson of homes, the muggings and the burglaries, are we really surprised this is happening? Here is a whole generation brought up on Thatcherism and Blairism – two ideologies that totally glorify individualism and ruthless competition. That have gone out of their way to destroy working class solidarity and colonise our areas with wealthy young professionals. That place those who trample on their communities for their own personal gain up on pedestals. These ideologies have BRED gangster behaviour amongst the poor and the only way we can counter such behaviour is by rebuilding our community spirit NOW, in spite of these doctrines, out of the ashes of this rebellion.

We are also categorically against any notion that greater police powers are a remedy to this situation, that the violence of the state and of capitalism is somehow preferable to the violence of those in our communities. Even if it was preferable, it would solve nothing – the problem here is inequality and injustice. Only we can bring about equality and justice; working together to advance our collective interests. We believe that when we build strong communities, we have a better chance of fighting back and winning. When we assemble to support each other through the difficulties of recession, instead of hiding away in our homes. When we get on the streets to defend our communities from any kind of attack. When we strike against our bosses instead of taking it on the chin. When we allocate resources for the benefit of the many and not the few. When we organise to take back what is rightfully ours instead of submitting to the thieves in Westminster and the City. When we target the rich and the state and not each other.

Whilst the riots may have taken their toll on our communities, there is no turning back now. We cannot wish them away. The screams of our youth have been heard; its time we turned them into the battle cries of our class.

Against ALL attacks on our community! For EVERYONE against the system!

ALARM! – All London Anarchist Revolutionary Movement




ALARM! Statement: North London Unity Demonstration this Saturday 13th

The “Give our Kids a Future” demonstration that has been
organised by North London Unity is something ALARM!
encourages all members and supporters to attend tomorrow.
However, we would like to make two things VERY clear to those
who wish to join us on the demonstration:

(1) Community relations are, at present, still fragile in the
aftermath of the riots. These times have been very conflicting
for people in many communities. It is important that the focus
of our role in this demonstration is presenting an accessible analysis,
as sensitively as possible and showing solidarity with any attempt to
build a sense of community that is both inclusive and progressive.

(2) That on this demonstration, we set out only to confront the
existing order through our words and our ideas. That we
respect the community-orientated objectives of the demonstration
and assimilate into the demonstration. That is to

Thanks, see you at 1PM, Gillett Square, Dalston E8.

Camden Hiatus is Over!

Comrades from the Borough of Camden involved in the ALARM process have gone through a slight hiatus, this is anarchy after all, but that is now all over – the tears have dried, the blood has been wiped away and CAMDEN ALARM Returns!!! Currently ALARM meets every Sunday 6-8pm at the Calthorpes Arms pub in Kings Cross, this is the best place to meet us, you can contact the ALARM secretary Andy on 079521 57742 or you can “LIKE” us on facebook for news, updates and general banter. Are you in Camden? Would you like to get involved? Please get in contact and leave a comment if so! We are planning to do joint meetings with Islington ALARM in the future under the banner of the CIA (Camden & Islington Alarm!!) so get in contact. You will also find us at this years Anarchist Bookfair which is a good place to meet us and hopefully after October we will have the streets of North London in flames under the black flag!!

In the meantime most of us involved in Alarm are hectic with the anti-EDL mobilisation on September 3rd, so join us if you want to wipe the right wing idiots off the streets, and follow the Tower Hamlets ALARM Blog for the latest news.

June 30-Related Meeting at Birkbeck University

Some of the unions planning to call a strike action on June 30, such as NUT, PCS, and UCU, are holding a meeting at Birkbeck University on June 9 from 6.30 pm to 9 pm. The meeting, called by Camden United Against Cuts, will be about building support for the day of action. One of the comrades from Camden Alarm will be attending this meeting to see what the mood is like, what the unions are thinking, and how they plan to build support. It will also be good to see if there are any students present, and what the response of the latter will be towards union politics. If any concrete and salient points arise from this meeting, they can be put in larger perspective as we do our own organizing for the day. Comrades from Islington Alarm are welcome to join in!

The Facebook link to this event is the following:


Camden Alarm is part of a London wide initiative to bring together people as a network of anarchists who are committed to building a strong anarchist movement in London, to work together towards the overthrow of capitalism and destruction of the state, to be replaced by a classless society based on free association and mutual aid – the basic tenets of an anarchist society.

CamdenALARM is in full support of the ALARM initiative and is happy to be part of serious and well organised political network that adds to an effective anarchist movement in London.

Camden Alarm will work to actively
– promote anarchist ideas
– engage in confronting capitalism in all its forms with a view to its eventual destruction
– challenge the institutions of the state in all its forms as the antithesis to a free and open society
– support social and political struggles from an anarchist perspective
– Encourage the development of a combative anarchist movement that will work towards the self-organisation of the working class as means to revolutionary social change
– provide an environment of mutual respect and solidarity based on equality and comradeship
– organise events activities and actions based on the above criteria.

 Until the ALARM website is up and running we will be using this as a means of promoting the group and encouraging people in the area to get involved.

If you are interested in getting involved leave a comment with your email address and we will get back to you